30 Anniversary Quotes for Mom and Dad

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(Last Updated On: September 8, 2020)

We are greatly indebted to our parents. Their relationship is universal. Anniversary quotes for mom and dad on their memorable occasion please them greatly.

anniversary quotes for mom and dad are very little rerun for parents, compared to what they have done for us. Yet, they get pleased to receive anniversary quotes for mom and dad from us. So, keep sending and wishing them!

Anniversary quotes for mom and dad

My Love For You Is A Journey, Starting At Forever And Ending At Never.

Marriage Is The Golden Ring In A Chain Whose Beginning Is A Glance And Whose Ending Is Eternity.

Despite All The Years, The Trying Times That You Have Both Been Through, Yet Your Marriage Remained Strong And Steadfast. When I Get Married Someday, I Hope I Will Have A Bond Stronger And Steady With My Partner As Both Of You Did. I Love You, Mom, And Dad. Happy Anniversary!

Another Year To Create Precious Memories Together. Another Year To Discover New Things To Enjoy About Each Other. Another Year To Strengthen A Marriage That Defines Forever. Happy Anniversary!

You Are The Parents That All Kids Hope To Have, You Are The Couple That All Lovers Hope To Be And You Both Are The Pillars Of Support That Every Family Wishes It Had. Happy Anniversary To The Best Parents Ever.

Because Of You Both, The World Knows That Truth And Love Exist. Keep These Beliefs Alive And Cherish One Another. Happy Anniversary, Mom, And Dad!

You Two Are A Living Example Of How A Couple Can Be Committed To Their Love And Nurture A Family‘s Growth Year After Year. Happy Wedding Anniversary To You!

The Only Thing Better Than Having You For Parents Is My Children Having You For Grandparents. Happy Anniversary Mom And Dad.

He Felt Now That He Was Not Simply Close To Her, But That He Did Not Know Where She Ended And He Began. You Be My Glass Of Wine And I’ll Be Your Shot Of Whiskey.

Today Is A Very Special Day For People I Love More Than Life – It’s Your Wedding Anniversary, My Beloved Parents! You’ve Already Spent A Lot Of Wonderful Years Together And Now I Want To Wish You To Spend Even More Years Enjoying Each Other And Bringing Joy To Everyone Around! Congratulations!

It Seems Like I Was Born Under A Lucky Star Because I Have Such Great Parents. You’ve Overcome Many Life Difficulties Together And Despite It, Your Love And Respect For Each Became Only Stronger. It’s A Real Wonder And I’m Happy To Witness It. Congratulations On The Anniversary!

I Remember How Young, Beautiful And Happy You Were When I Was A Little Kid. And You Know, Dear Parents, Nothing Has Changed Since Then. You’re Just The Same: Loving And Being Loved – That’s What’s Important. Congratulations On Your Wedding Anniversary!

You Don’t Marry Someone You Can Live With. You Marry The Person Who You Cannot Live Without.

Mom And Dad, I Cannot Begin To Describe How Blessed I Am To Have Amazing Parents In My Life. Seeing True Love Through You Both Makes My Heart Happy. As Your Daughter/son I See Perfection In Both Of You. I Love You.

Happy Anniversary Mom And Dad! Enjoy Your Day And I Love You Both.

I Am Glad I Will Never Know Why Couples Separate And Why Couples Fight. I Am So Lucky Because My Mom And Dad Are Each Other‘s Best Friends!

Anniversary quotes for mom and dad

Congratulations On Attaining One Yourself. Happy Anniversary To Our Dear Parents. Earthquakes, Tornadoes, Tsunamis, Or Volcanoes – Nothing Has The Power To Shatter The Love Between My Mom And Dad. Not Now, Not Ever.

anniversary quotes for mom and dad

The Strength Of Your Marriage Is Truly An Inspiration. I Know How Lucky I Am—parents Like You Don’t Come Everyone’s Way.

You Have An Amazing Story To Tell. You Have Been With Each Other In All The Ups And Downs In Life. Everything Good I Have In Me Reflects How Wonderful Parents You Have Been To Me!

As You Begin Another Year Of Togetherness, May You Both Be Blessed With Good Health And Long Life So That You Will Spend Many More Years In Love And Happiness. I Love You So Much, Mom And Dad. Happy Anniversary!

You Have Proven To Everyone That There’s No Perfect Marriage. But An Imperfect Marriage Can Still Be The Happiest, Strongest, And Most Loving Marriage. I’m So Proud Of You, Mom And Dad. Happy Anniversary!

Because Of You Two, I Believe That There’s A Love That’s True. Thank You For Loving Each Other, And For Teaching Us The Real Meaning Of Marriage. Happy Anniversary, Mom And Dad!

You Are Living Examples Of A Happy-ever-after. I’m So Lucky To Have Parents Who Are Still So Ridiculously In Love With Each Other. Happy Anniversary!

All That I Am Is Because Of The Two Of You. On Your Very Special Day, I Want To Let You Know That You Mean The World To Me. Happy Anniversary, Mom And Dad!

Anniversary quotes for mom and dad

Your Reason For Celebrating Your Anniversary Maybe Love. But My Reason For Celebrating Your Anniversary Is That You Both Are Like A Blessing From The Gods Above. Happy Anniversary Mom And Dad.

You Two Are The Parents That All Kids Wish To Have. You Are The Married Couple That Every Husband And Wife Hope To Be. You Make Me So Proud To Call You Mom And Dad. Happy Anniversary To You Both!

Happy Anniversary To The Most Wonderful Parents In The World. I Will Be Forever Fans Of Your Love Story. Stay In Love, You Two!

God Truly Blessed Me Because He Gave Me Two Wonderful People I Can Call Mom And Dad. Thank You For All That You Have Done For Me. I Love You So Much. Happy Anniversary!

I Cannot Begin To Describe How Blessed I Am To Have Parents Who Are Still Crazy About Each Other Even After So Many Years. Happy Anniversary, Mom, And Dad! Stay Happy And In Love.

Over The Years, You Took Good Care Of Your Relationship. As Good As How You Took Care Of Us Your Children. You Managed To Stay In Love And Happy Together. Now You’re Celebrating Another Anniversary. Happy Anniversary, Mom, And Dad!

Every Kid Wishes To Have Parents Like You Both. Every Couple Wishes To Be Lovers Like You Both. And Every Family Looks For The Strength That You Have Given Us To Date. Happy Wedding Anniversary To The World’s Best Parents!


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