30 Control Your Anger Quotes To Turn You Calm and Cool

control your anger quotes
(Last Updated On: October 1, 2021)

Control your anger quotes will calm your soul. It’s easy to say something you’ll later regret in the heat of the moment. Before you say anything, take a few seconds to gather your thoughts – and let those engaged in the issue do the same control your anger quotes. Express your dissatisfaction in an aggressive yet non-confrontational manner as soon as you’re thinking clearly. Without harming people or attempting to dominate them, express your worries and wants simply and frankly.

Physical activity can aid in the reduction of stress, which can lead to rage. Go for a quick walk or run, or spend some time doing other pleasurable physical activities if you feel your anger is rising. Children’s timeouts aren’t the only ones who can benefit from them for control your anger quotes. Allow yourself to take small pauses throughout stressful moments of the day. A few seconds of silence may help you feel more equipped to deal with whatever comes your way without becoming frustrated or upset.

Rather of focusing on what made you angry, focused on fixing the current problem. Is your child’s strewn-about room driving you insane? Close the door behind you. Is your boyfriend always late for dinner? Plan your meals for later in the evening — or agree to dine alone a couple of times each week according to the control your anger quotes. Remind yourself that anger isn’t going to solve anything and may even make things worse.

Use “I” words to express the situation instead of criticizing or blaming, which will just add to the stress and control your anger quotes. Respectful and specific communication is essential. Instead of saying, “You never do any housekeeping,” say, “I’m angry that you left the table without offering to assist with the dishes.”

Forgiveness is an extremely effective weapon. Allowing anger and other bad emotions to overpower pleasant emotions might lead to you being eaten up by your own bitterness or sense of unfairness and control your anger quotes. However, if you can forgive someone who has offended you, you may be able to learn from the experience while also strengthening your connection.

Relaxation might be aided by lightening up. Use humor to help you deal with whatever it is that is making you upset, as well as any unreasonable expectations you may have about how things should go with control your anger quotes. Sarcasm, on the other hand, should be avoided since it might hurt sentiments and make matters worse.

Put your relaxation abilities to use when your anger rises. Deep breathing exercises, visualizing a peaceful picture, or repeating a calming word or phrase, such as “Take it easy,” can all help you relax with control your anger quotes. You may also relax by listening to music, writing in a notebook, or doing a few yoga postures – whatever it takes.

Learning to manage one’s anger can be difficult for everyone at times. If your anger is out of control, causing you to do things you regret, or hurting people around you, get treatment for anger issues and control your anger quotes. Try to keep your anger under control before it consumes your life. Let go of your expectations. Give up your doubts. Let go of your fears. Give up your advantages. Give up your rage. Give up your squabbles.

I heard somewhere that the man who has your fury has you under his control, and I already knew that after only being in the same room with him for a few minutes. You must manage your rage, jealousy, and possessive nature, or you will hurt others as your power grows and your will becomes stronger with control your anger quotes.

Keep your rage under control. If you harbor resentment toward others, you are under their influence. If you allow your opponent to annoy you, he will be able to dominate and beat you if you are away from control your anger quotes. Jealousy, rage, and fear are all foolish feelings that sap your strength. You can control them by being satisfied, trusting that life knows best, and accepting everything that comes your way with a level head.

We have no control over what other people do or how they treat us, but we do have power over how we respond to them. Don’t be swayed by the actions of others. Don’t let them take your happiness; remember that your rage won’t make them change, but prayer will on the basis of the control your anger quotes.

Control your anger quotes

1. Sometimes …it took seconds to control your anger, only to avoid the state of eternal feud – Toba Beta

2. Do not allow your anger to control your reason, but rather your reason to control your anger. – Nelson Mandela

3. Anger is a brief madness: govern your mind [temper], for unless it obeys it commands. Horace

4. “Don’t hold to anger, hurt or pain. They steal your energy and keep you from love.” – Leo Buscaglia

5. “The best fighter is never angry.” ― Lao Tzu

6. Those who spend (in Allah’s Cause) in prosperity and in adversity, who repress anger, and who pardon men; verily, Allah loves Al-Muhsinoon (the good-doers).” – Al Quran

7. Control your “anger” because it is just ONE Letter away from “d”anger. – Auliq Ice

8. Some ride the bullet to vent, while some shoot the bullet to revenge. – Anthony Liccione

9. “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” – Buddha

10. “Anger makes you smaller, while forgiveness forces you to grow beyond what you are.” – Cherie Carter-Scott

11. Even though sometimes you can control your anger, you can’t control your sadness. – Barbara Park

12. “Acknowledging and being conscious that you are being angry is a battle half won against anger.” – Anon

13. “Patience is the direct antithesis of anger.” ― Allan Lokos

14. when your emotions are in motion, take a break and ponder! – Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

15. Allah says, “When they get angry, they forgive. – Al Quran

control your anger quotes

16. “Angry people are not always wise.” ― Jane Austen

17. “Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret.” ― Ambrose Bierce

18. “For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

19. “When one of you becomes angry while standing, he should sit down. If the anger leaves him, well and good; otherwise he should lie down.” – Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

20. “Throughout life there will be people who will make you mad, disrespect you and treat you bad. Let God deal with the things they do, cause hate in your heart will consume you too.” – Will Smith

21. “A heart filled with anger has no room for love.” – Joan Lunden

22. Control yourself, it is not worth it. You will regret your rudeness afterwards, your sensitive nature will be troubled – Leila Aboulela

23. “The greatest remedy for anger is delay.” ― Thomas Paine

24. “The best vaccine against anger is to watch others in its throes.” ― Marcel Proust

25. “Studies show that aggressively expressing anger doesn’t relieve anger but amplifies it. On the other hand, not expressing anger often allows it to disappear without leaving ugly traces.” ― Gretchen Rubin

26. Anger, in and of itself, is a good thing, within reason, but it will be your greatest enemy if you don’t learn to control it! – Ali Vali

27. If you cannot at first control your anger, learn to control your tongue, which, like fire, is a good servant, but a hard master. – Orison Swett Marden

28. “There is always something behind what is wrong and to change what is wrong, mind the things behind what is wrong! When you see what is wrong, see why, who and what is behind what is wrong.” ― Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

29. “No passion disturbs the soundness of our judgement as anger does.” ― Michel de Montaigne

30. “Consciously feel the energy behind your anger and anger will no longer control you as it used to”. – Unknown

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