30 Ramadan Mubarak Greetings Prayers Quotes Wishes Status

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(Last Updated On: April 10, 2021)

Ramadan Mubarak Greetings to you and your family. The first verses of the Holy Quran had been revealed in the holy month of Ramadan. Muslims additionally forestall damaging issues and dangerous behavior with different Muslim brothers, with Ramadan Mubarak Greetings.

Foods and sweets drinks are served on a daily basis, before daybreak, and after sundown. Muslims targeted on prayers and Quran recitations to looking for Allah forgiveness with Ramadan Mubarak Greetings.

Actually, the holy month of Ramadan trains Muslims patience, self-restraint, and generosity. At the tip of Ramadan Eid al-, Fitr is widely known and Muslims want one another Happy Eid Mubarak, with these Ramadan Mubarak Greetings.

Ramadan Mubarak Greetings

Allah let us live to witness this Ramadan and gain closeness to Allah subhanhu wa Ta’ala and his beautiful deen…Ameen

For a true Muslim, End of Ramadan is not “the end” but the start of a new journey leading towards the Jannah.

May Allah shower his blessings on you during this Ramadan and always.

Spend more time in Sujood.

Allah understands our prayers even when we can’t find the words to say Them. Ramadan Mubarak!

May Allah prolong our lives so that we can witness Ramadan.

For a true Muslim, the end of Ramadan is not “The End” but the start of a new journey leading towards Jannah.

I hope that the upcoming festivity will be the best one for all of us.

If you fasting but not praying your prayers, then all you doing is starving yourself. so only keep fasting is not enough, keep offering your prayers(Salah) as well.

Preparing for Ramadan but for many of us, the Quran has gathered a lot of dust since the last time we picked it up. as Ramadan is fast approaching we must blow of the dust and start to build a close relationship with Quran.

Ramadan Mubarak Greetings

O Allah, allow us to witness Ramadan, benefit from it, use it to earn Your pleasure and mercy, and emancipation from the Fire. – Dr. Bilal Philips

In the holy month of Ramadan, the stomach may be empty. But the heart and soul are being fed.

“Make this Ramadan the turning point in your life. break free from the deceptions of this world and indulge into the sweetness of EEMAN.”

I Wish This Ramadan; You Are Gifted With Blessings Of Allah And Many Treasured Moments Of Joy! Ramadan Mubarak!

The Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him said:
“Whatever is prayed for at the time of breaking the fast is granted and never refused.”

Allah is with those who preserve.

Whoever Allah wishes to show goodness, he gives him an understanding of the religion. Ramadan Mubarak

The Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him said:
When one of you is fasting, he should abstain from indecent acts and unnecessary talk, and if someone begins an obscene conversation or tries to pick an argument, he should simply tell him. “I’m Fasting” (Bukhari & Muslim)

Ramadan Mubarak Greetings

Staying on track while fasting during the Ramadan month becomes very difficult sometimes. So, here is a list of some inspirational quotes that will help you keep going.

“Allah says: O you who have believed, decreed upon you is fasting as it was decreed upon those before you that you may become righteous [2:185]

“Make this Ramadan the turning point in your life. break free from the deceptions of this world and indulge into the sweetness of EEMAN.”

Welcome Ramadan
Walk humbly
Talk politely
Dress neatly
Treat kindly
Pray attentively
Donate generously
May ALLAH bless & protect you!

Ramadan Mubarak Greetings

“4 Mistakes to avoid in Ramadan: Getting Angry, Sleeping All Day, Fasting Without Prayer, Bad Language”

The month of Ramadan is that in which was revealed the Quran. a guide for the people and clear proofs of guidance and criterion. (2:185)

and fear Allah and know that Allah is with those that fear him. (2:194)

And fear Allah and know that Allah is severe in penalty. (2:196)

Walk humbly Talk politely Dress neatly Treat kindly Pray attentively Donate generously May ALLAH bless & protect all of you

He deserves Paradise who makes his companions laugh.

As we celebrate this festive season, let us learn to forgive the ones who have done us wrong for the sake of Allah.

Have patience with what they say, and leave them with noble (dignity).

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